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03-Apr-2020 03:19

I got to the bank teller who must have smelt it on the notes I had just given in to be deposited. I thought this woman loves cash and money lucky she works in a bank! Opens the security door, smells my neck and says wow this is beautiful.

Can you write down the yes..I though so I wrote it down for her....

I have to scrub Tom Ford's Venetian Bergamot off my skin if I want it gone after 6 hours..just can't wait to die like a fruit fly. People can smell my hair spray (john masters organics non-aerosol which has an amazing citrus salt vibe) longer and more strongly when I walk by then this. This I reckon is the Equivalent of Viagra for women.

I'm saddened and mourn it's early demise each time I wear it. There I was standing the queue in the Bank, when all the women in the queue were whispering what is that smell.

This is a really lovely, complex, and well done fragrance in the classic style.

A word of warning; if you don't like old school perfumes, steer clear of this one. Has an oakmossy feel (although I don't see any listed), which contrasts with the spices underneath.

The opening of this fragrance is a fresh,tart and bitter smell of bergamot mixed with some mossy green smell and some black pepper.

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Scent 9.5 Protection 6 Longevity 9 Opens dirty dry woody floral but not a sweet floral.

Please try this first, if you have a problem with citric scents.

4 from 5 - 93 P (out of 100) - orange amber - Following a short top note of orange citrus and a pass-over by orange peel, it reaches a marvelous and long lasting heart.

it still has a hint of DNA of New York but whatever changes they made to it, New York Intense is by far the better fragrance. Just water, and I was careful not to get it on my wrists. The scent is beautiful but the garbage performance seals the coffin on this.

A few stray drops got on the application areas and blotting it dry, sucked all the scent out. Projection: 3/10 for the first 30 minutes then it vanishes unless I'm cramming your face against my flesh. Sillage: 1/10 basically none after the first spray. I can't justify even (nevermind the actual cost) for the performance alone when my hairspray is more potent and in the same scent family.Very glad I testet it thoroughly, for it was once one of the greatest of its kind.