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04-Jul-2020 09:36

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So mom had her soulmate and mom and dad will always be married and will always be together.

I think that's a beautiful thing."Terri Irwin now works as the owner of the Australia Zoo, where she continues to preserve the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve and cherish Steve's memory.

While Steve Irwin's wife, Terri, has worked hard with her two children to celebrate the Crocodile Hunter's legacy, Australian tabloids won't stop spreading gossip that the widow is dating Australian actor Russell Crowe.

But now, Terri is finally putting those rumors to rest by clarifying a few things about her dating life.

‘Everything you saw on social media it is real,’ he said.

‘Me and Farrah have decided to move on and walk away.’ He added: ‘Nothing has been hacked. Always mentioned to me how much she wanted to be with another guy, from all people another boxer 🙄 @anthonyfjoshua pic.twitter.com/1GBAQnvz MC — Amir Khan (@amirkingkhan) August 4, 2017 The Twitter feud escalated as Faryal denied dating Joshua and hit back at Amir in a string of tweets as she asked: ‘where do you make this stuff up,’ although she has since deleted the messages.

Dates don’t lie at the end of the day.” Adding, “She forced my hand to address this publicly.

The 52-year-old conservationist officially denied that she is dating the .

Joined by her daughter, Bindi, Terri said that Russell has been a fierce ally in protecting the family's wildlife preserve in Australia, and that they are just friends.

We have to move forward it’s not healthy for any of us. ‘Don’t want you guys to worry…What’s done is done, it’s all true.’ The two-time world champion boxer originally tweeted: ‘So me and the wife Faryal have agreed to split. Faryal and Amir’s relationship has hit headlines since the couple’s marriage caused Khan to fall out with his family.

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The boxer’s family had disapproved of the marriage due to Faryal’s Western sense of dressing.

“It’s like I’m being punished twice.” The Clifton man used his cellphone to record two brief videos of the hot-and-heavy session when he confronted his wife and her lover more than a year ago. He pleaded not guilty last month and is due back in court on Sept. Defense lawyer Howard Greenberg predicted Sean would be fully exonerated.