Wii updating do not turn the power off

11-May-2020 08:45

One of them might re-enable update checking, so be sure to disable update checking if that happens to you.Many people just picked up their Nintendo Switch and got in a few hours of play, but now they’re wondering exactly how to turn off the Nintendo Switch.I thought this was the fix for my console, but sadly, it was not. This is what starts my belief in the power supply being at fault.I took the console to my girlfriend’s house a week or two later (not having played it much since I got it to work) and it didn’t work. We then go over to my house later that week (or the next week, fuck knows) and she wanted to play Wind Waker again. After about half an hour of plugging cables in and out, swapping between mains sockets, fucking everything, it still didn’t work.The IOS is the part of the operating system that loads games, and different games use different IOSes.In a non-homebrewed Wii, the game will install the proper IOS if it isn't already there, but operating system updates from Nintendo are designed to destroy homebrew, which is why users avoid updating when the Homebrew Channel is installed.hacked and does not contain the Homebrew Channel, then you might have luck doing a system update to fix it. With hacked Wii consoles, in some cases you can simply run the game using Gecko OS, but there are also programs like Wad Manager and Pimp My Wii that will install the necessary IOS to fix the Error #002 message.

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The problem with sending it in, whilst it’s free to do so and get a diagnosis, the repairs are not.So to those other 7 people who own a Wii U out there, let me give you some advice.Don’t have a HDMI cable pull one way or another whilst connected to the console, even slightly. So I’ll walk you through the issues I’ve had over the past month or so with my Wii U.Your game should play at this point while avoiding the Error #002 message.

Note: A few additional updates might install along with Pimp My Wii.

If you want to turn off the Nintendo Switch, the best way to do this is by holding down the power button near the upper left corner of the tablet.

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