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The script asks Evernote to look for a note called “Stuff To Check Out” in the notebook “Inbox”; if a note with a matching name is found, text is appended to the bottom of the note (line 13); if a note is not found, a new one with the selected name and text is created in the “Inbox” notebook (line 10); last, Evernote syncs to save changes to the cloud (line 16).The result will be something like this: I use this macro on a daily basis when I’m working at my Mac, as it provides a simple and effective way to save URLs in a temporary location (that syncs across devices) without having to clutter my Omni Focus inbox or Pinboard account.It allows for formatting, parsing, and normalization.It formats or parses a date or time, which is the standard milliseconds since GMT, Jan. Simple Date Format is the only built-in implementation of Date Format.To build the “append tab to Evernote” macro, we only need five Keyboard Maestro actions.In the first three ones, we’ll generate a date (formatted in ICU) and grab the current browser tab’s title and URL, saving them to three separate variables.ICU currently provides limited support for formatting dates using a “relative” style, specified using RELATIVE_SHORT, RELATIVE_MEDIUM, RELATIVE_LONG. As currently implemented, relative date formatting only affects the formatting of dates within a limited range of calendar days before or after the current date, based on the CLDR data: For example, in English, "Yesterday", "Today", and "Tomorrow".

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The Date Format interface in ICU enables you to format a Date in milliseconds into a string representation of the date.I didn’t add checks to see if Chrome or Evernote are running, but the macro is highly customizable both in terms of actions you can add and modifications you can make to the Apple Script (for, say, changing the title of the note, format of date, or destination notebook). ICU Home Page· API: C | J ICU · Introduction · Internationalization · How To Use ICU · Unicode Basics · ICU Services · ICU Design · C/POSIX Migration · ICU4J Locale Service Provider Chars & Strings · Strings / UTF-8 · Properties · Character Iterator · UText · Unicode Set · Regular Expressions · String Prep Conversion · Conversion Basics · Converter · Conversion Data · Charset Detection · Compression Locales & Resources · Locale Class · Resources · Localizing with ICU Date/Time · Date/Time Services · Calendar Services · Time Zone class · Universal Time Scale Formatting · Format & Parse · Format Numbers · Format Date/Time · Format Messages Transforms · Transformations · Case Mapping · Bi Di Algorithm · Normalization · Transform · Rule Tutorial Collation · Introduction · Concepts · Architecture · Customization · Search String · Collation FAQ Boundary Analysis · Boundary Analysis IO· ustdio· ustream Layout Engine · Layout Engine ICU Data · ICU Data · Packaging ICU4C · Packaging ICU4J Use From ...dmitri, Iron Beatle, Dmitry_nsk, , argentavis, anatoly54, Anser, KV1237542, Dim64, Young Pilot, KDR, 64, ., 1, Alkatras, Foka, 043, glavsnab, Letynishka, afpf, .33.150, Shut, Tommy Versatty, maverick, Donbass Sky, soldier, , Eugene1702, , Aleksey, sergei107, , ZX1, Vladimir S., maverick07, zet, hasan, pank 63, Delta Stealth, Vova-n, ...

I often come across webpages and interesting links that I can’t check out right away, but that I also don’t want to send to Instapaper, Pinboard, or my Omni Focus inbox.In Keyboard Maestro, you’ll see a preview of the browser tokens directly inside the action cells.