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Zabbix uses the following severity hierarchy: Zabbix Console Integration To add a web link in Alerta that links to the specific event in Zabbix that triggered the alert add: ACTION: Info= This formula has been developed distributing declarations in different files to make it usable in most situations.That's the recommended way and should be enough for most cases.See that sometimes there's a key named that's used to add arbitrary configuration lines in the templates provided.If you're planning to keep a long history of monitored parameters, you should be thinking of at least a couple of gigabytes to have enough space to store the history in the database.

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However, the amount of required disk memory obviously depends on the number of hosts and parameters that are being monitored.

It should be useful in scenarios ranging from a simple install of the packages (without any special configuration) to a more complex set-up with different nodes for agent, server, database and frontend.