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22-Jul-2020 22:58

So this is perhaps another good reason not to do this.

Perhaps the next major release should address this by specifically reserving the right to add new error codes in future versions, and requiring application developers (who are using a shared library) to be prepared to handle new, unknown, error codes.

$ sqlite3clhist.sqlite SQLite version 3.5.1 Enter ".help" for instructions sqlite .schema CREATE TABLE Batches ( Id TEXT PRIMARY KEY, Moves_V1 INTEGER, Moves_V2 INTEGER, Moves_V3 INTEGER, Moves_V4 INTEGER, Moves_V5 INTEGER, Moves_R1 INTEGER, Moves_R2 INTEGER, Moves_R3 INTEGER, Moves_R4 INTEGER, Moves_R5 INTEGER ); CREATE TABLE Logs ( Shortname TEXT PRIMARY KEY, Status INTEGER ); CREATE TABLE Modules ( Name TEXT ); CREATE TABLE Moves ( Batch TEXT, Slot No INTEGER, Tool TEXT, Module TEXT, Time Start INTEGER, Duration INTEGER, Zip Date TEXT ); CREATE TABLE Tools ( Name TEXT ); CREATE VIEW "B470330" AS SELECT * FROM Moves WHERE Batch="470330"; CREATE VIEW Batch Moves AS SELECT * FROM Moves WHERE Batch="P"; CREATE VIEW "R1" AS SELECT * FROM "B470330" WHERE Tool="R1"; CREATE INDEX Moves Batch ON Moves(Batch); sqlite db file weren't open, I couldn't even see the schema. -- Multumesc, Mihai Limbasan _______________________________________________ sqlite-users mailing list [hidden email] -- Puneet Kishor Institute for Environmental Studies Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) sqlite-users mailing list [hidden email] table from the command line. Check this out: $ sqlite3 /cygdrive/d/cl_hist_dat/clhist.sqlite SQLite version 3.5.1 Enter ".help" for instructions sqlite $ So I may create a view, y.

Then I'm not allowed to create a temporary view, z (I never am when mucking around with this particular db).

That developer is then responsible for ensuring his application code works correctly with the new version of sqlite he is updating to.After all, if the db file weren't open, I couldn't even see the schema.My problem is that I've written an app that uses views to access data. Unfortunately I can't DROP them, so I create more and more views with different names and keep littering my db with an increasing number of usesless views that I can't delete.After that I want to drop view y (which I just created) and can't, either. _______________________________________________ sqlite-users mailing list [hidden email] SQL error: unable to open database file SQLite can't write to your temp directory.

That's why you can create a regular view, but not a temporary view (which requires opening a temp database).

Igor Tandetnik _______________________________________________ sqlite-users mailing list [hidden email] Thanks, that was it.