Anthroposophy dating

06-Mar-2020 20:05

[The] process does not go forward in absolute, unvarying continuity...

In the seventh millennium before Christ there was a very specially important astronomical epoch - important because, on account of the constellation brought about by the relative position of the earth's axis to the neighboring stars, the climatic conditions on earth culminated in the Atlantean cataclysm.

which continent forms today the floor of the Atlantic Ocean...

These happenings lie much less far behind us than is generally believed.

Ultimately there can be no conflicts and serious discrepancies between the findings of physical and spiritual sciences because the physical contains and reflects the spiritual, that is, behind and within every physical phenomenon is the sustaining spiritual world.

Thus, in the end, spiritual science and physical science (scientific materialism) will prove one another out.

This happened six to eight thousand years before our era [AD] and the effects of it continued for long ages...

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These sections include some original contributions and ideas which, however, always remain within the flow of the thoughts and discoveries given by Rudolf Steiner throughout many different lectures and books.

It is essential to understand that there is no time or space in the higher spiritual worlds and that spiritual beings are working simultaneously in past, present and future, in the eternal now.