Dating a gemini men

14-May-2020 14:11

Gemini's are anxious though, with high strung nervous systems.You might detect that a Gemini likes you if his nervous tick is they are good at moving on you need to do teh same and then start fresh with him like a casual friend. Btw i am a Cancer too absolutely madly besotted in love with my Gemini man. But girls esp cancer woman this is my advice to you..

They are playful, and often lighten the mood with their hilarious comments and ways.You can find steadiness in knowing that there's freedom to move and mutate (mutable) - and inhabit many selves. To impress, he'll tell funny tales or show off his observations about art, culture, politics, people.You'll win his heart if you genuinely think he's smart and hilarious.One Gemini guy I know and his date wore all red and ate red food on red plates. The Gemini guy's turn off is a closed, rigid mind.

He changes his own mind a lot, which makes him seem sketchy.

He adores a partner who is different with each encounter.