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14-Jul-2020 03:12

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Tom Smith says being a dad has changed his songwriting.The Editors frontman - who has 15-month-old son Rudy with girlfriend Edith Bowman - says having a child has made him take more of an interest...Blur's Record Day single will be called 'Fools Day'.The four-piece band announced the name of the first track they have recorded together since 2003's 'Battery in Your Leg' for their 'Think Tank' album yesterday ()....With radio presenters who seem to make a virtue out of not being as cringe worthy as the Smashie and Nicey sex pests of the 1970’s introducing a succession of revolving door indie bands this gentrification is nowhere more evident than Glastonbury.Perhaps because of its history of somewhere which operated outside of the mainstream and now using that history to trade off it’s status as establishment institution is particularly emblematic.Tom Holland has been nominated for the 2017 EE Rising Star BAFTA Award.

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The groups will perform at a 'Voicestorm' concert organised by HIV charity Body and Soul which will honour Anita, the...Standing outside the Leadmill to listen to punters unable to get in berate the door staff while Billy Bragg berated the Tories through an open door was however more entertaining than many of the production line experiences offered by big corporate festivals.I’m sure Strummer would have got us in through an open window before he decided the height of rebellion was sitting round a fire with Keith Allen at Glastonbury every year.Sadly, their fashion risks didn't seem to pay off as onlookers questioned their bold decisions.

Here's who failed to make the right statement on the red carpet: The Outlander actress failed to impress on the red carpet unfortunately in her rather unusual gown.

Looking like a tour programme with holiday snaps for the saturation television coverage of big corporate festivals it only succeeds in highlighting the incestuous nature of the media and bands that operate in this world.