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Alan is the former program director of WHTC and serves as program director of The Van.

The remainder of the broadcast day is satellite-fed from Westwood One.

Unless you are in a long distance relationship, most often than not, your lover will be part of almost everything you do and you would not want a person that you have almost nothing in common with, in that case.

Researchers have it that most women find a man like their father, while guys look for a woman with the characteristics of their mother.

In September 2012 The Van added Michigan's Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels from am to am.

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If no chemistry is present, then no progress has been made.

WYVN (92.7 FM, "The Van") is a radio station broadcasting a classic rock format licensed to Saugatuck, Michigan, with studios in Holland, Michigan and is owned along with WHTC by Midwest Communications.

The station began operations on July 4, 1987 as WEVS.

Many people would say this was the case at the start, but things changed over time. Others totally end up with a partner they never wanted but stick to the relationship, hoping things will improve.

Most often, this never happens and you end up quitting when things have got totally out of hand.True or not, here are some of the reasons people choose the lovers they choose: One’s background greatly influences their choice of a lover.