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26-Jan-2020 00:08

In other words, we have better company to consider: Every primary cast member is appealing, elevating the disposable plot — men and women are in constant battle, yawn — into a funny, sexy take on contemporary dating.Middling lines are delivered with sharp sass; tired stereotypes are ...If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned Chris Brown yet, it’s because he appears for about five minutes.He does a serviceable job in his cameo (as an obnoxious player), but focusing on him would be like focusing on the drunk who tripped over your table while you’re out to dinner.well, still tired, actually (women manipulate and nag, men lie and evade).But at least the actors offer gentle twists that take away some of the sting.That aside, this is a movie suitable for a night in with your girl, or a date.It will set your chic in the mood :-) A better than average movie, and still worth your money.

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Henson, a question driven by their sizzling on-screen chemistry in Think Like a Man, he joked that Henson stalked him after the movie and he had to explain to her, "It's just a movie." That banter was quite amusing.He chalked up rumors of their romance to their chemisty and ability to act on screen.I'm pretty sure what was bleeped out on Michael Ealy's interview with Wendy Williams was that he's an "a*s" man so (breasts) cups "don't matter" to him.He said he used to date older women, but now he's more open-minded (as though any ordinary woman reading or writing this blog would ever have a chance with him).

The interview was cute, and it seems his co-star from Think Like a Man, the hilarious Kevin Hart, must have rubbed off on the delectable Ealy, age 38.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times viewed that a major problem with the film is that it takes seriously the advice given in the book it is based upon, commenting that such an approach "might have worked as a screwball comedy or a satire, but can you believe for a moment in characters naive enough to actually live their lives following Steve Harvey's advice?