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involves investigations which examine regions or areas, rather than sites.

most associated with the understanding of how a particular society used the available resources in its region.s a massive linear earthwork, roughly followed by some of the current border between England and Wales. Fox interpreted the Dyke as the product of a negotiated agreement between Mercia and the Welsh Kingdomsbook written by Cyril fox about the topography of England with regard to its attention to the geographical influences in the evolution and characteristics of different cultures, the role of the sea, physical topographya and flora and fauna in relation to socio-economic and political aspects of the land.conducted the first archaeological settlement pattern study in Peru's Viru Valley- marks the beginning of landscape arcaheology.

strata found here were layers of trash deliberately hauled in for construction purposes and used their own trash mound.

This meant that when constructing a new mound, the most recent trash, at the top, was used first and then a little older and a little older and so on until the stratigraphy was essentially upside down In excavating south india, found evidence of roman artifacts in the form of pottery and coins.

A further suggestion is that the widespread use of timber in Chacoan constructions--a resource not locally available--needed a large and easy transportation system.symbolic beliefs: Other archaeologists think instead that the main purpose of the road system was a religious one, providing pathways for periodic pilgrimages and facilitating regional gatherings for seasonal ceremonies.

Furthermore, considering that some of these roads seem to go nowhere, experts suggest that they can be linked--especially the Great North Road--to astronomical observations, solstice marking, and agricultural cycles.mmense complexes known as "Great Houses" embodied worship at Chaco.

o Also townspeople find spearpoints, but lack context, so unsure of whether spear points were with bones or just there by chanceo Later find spear point with bones, confirmation that association between extinct fauna and human artifacts, people had been in America since at least the end of the Pleistocene , some 10000 years ago IMPORTANCE OF CONTEXT AND SCIENTIFIC ARCHAEOLOGICAL METHODSo Excavated by Lewellyn Loud and Mark Harringtono Basket of duck decoys buried under a pito Perfectly preserved, usable todayo Dated about 2000 years ago NATURAL PROCESSES PERFECTLY PRESERVED.

CONTEXT PRESERVEDa remote sensing technique that measures the strength of magnetism between the earth's magnetic core and a sensor controlled by the archaeologist.

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the test result only showed that the skull was at least a million years old, and much older than what they had expected.The disadvantage is that is is severly limited by less than ideal environmental conditions.a random sample is a sample drawn from a statistical population such that every member of the population has an equal chance of being included in the sample- done by generating a list of random coordinates and excavating units at those coordinates- can provide uneven coverage or concentrate units in areas away from surface findshandheld devices that use triangulation from radio waves received from satellites to determin your current position in terms of either the UTM grid or latitude and longitude.