What to do when your friend is dating your crush

20-May-2020 00:32

Three months later, I’d been working there nearly three months and once again I talked to chip before work and he was just...asking me about my day and how I was doing with everything at home.

He was considerate and everyday we found something new to talk about, so fast forward to today, and I realized tonight that I liked him more than a friend.

Lets call him Joe and his friend is going to be called bob. And i'm getting my hopes up like waaayyy too much, what if he was talking about another girl?

Today at school I was waiting in line and I was standing next to Bob and me and Bob and Joe and all their other friends and my friends are all friends. I've had a crush on him for a while and today I one of our friends said to me 'you know ( my crushes name )likes you? (we both like eachother but like we arent dating yet) Why did i feel the need to possibly verify. I mean heartbreak kinda sucks cos ive already been through that 💗.

my mom knows parts of it, She’s just concerned with the age gap and what he’d want in a relationship versus what I’d want.

To be 1000% honest I have no clue other than I want to be there for him and be able to relieve some of the stress of work, since we both work at the same place. I mean it I really pray it does, if you have any advice please let me know. basically many people in my school year have found out i really like this guy (let's name him Bob lmao) because of an 💗 i've fallen out with, and idk if Bob knows.

So fast forward back to present, I liked him at first sight but I ignored it because I couldn’t trust guys at that point and time.

So anyways I catch Chris looking at me a lot, he motivates me, he makes sure I’m ok when I get hurt, he has said that he trusts me, he and I talk every time we have that class and we smile at eachother we make eachother laugh we help eachother, he always stands near me and I do the same to him, whenever Chris me and the other students are grouped together and he is talking to us a lot of times he will keep his eyes on me, he and I high five ALOT he and I held hands for a game we did for flight challenge but when we had to sit down everyone let go of each others hands and he and I held hands a bit longer before he took his hand away so people couldn’t notice.I haven’t been in a relationship ever and this is a first so what to expect would be a nice place to start, thanks! But everyone asks me if I like him but i say no as I feel the need to keep it lowkey.

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