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30-Jan-2020 10:11

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That's why it's so important to pray about whom you approach for mentoring.

Which brings me to the most important thing you can do: pray.

Consider inviting a few single friends over for a dinner party or a game night or to help you paint your living room a new color.

The added bonus is that by playing hostess, you'll get to display some of your unique talents in a very obvious and complimentary way.

If you're a true homebody and settling in a new city or even planning a night on the town sounds dreadful, host some events in your home.

So what's the equivalent of the fish store for a young woman who wants to marry well? Given the high number of Christian dating sites, it's tempting to think finding love online is a sure thing.

But the explosion of technological matchmaking still falls short of real people.

Best to visit a tropical fish store where you know you'll reach your goal effectively and efficiently.

For relationships, it's best to go where you're more likely to meet someone with whom you can be equally yoked.According to research by The Marriage Project, "The most likely way to find a future marriage partner is through an introduction by family, friends or acquaintances." They found that "despite the romantic notion that people meet and fall in love through chance or fate, the evidence suggests that social networks are important in bringing together individuals of similar interests and backgrounds, especially when it comes to selecting a marriage partner.